Survey and Certification

Lift Survey and Certification

It is paramount for elevators to meet all the stringent government requirements to operate safely. Our team of engineers and surveyors offer fully comprehensive lift certification services to customers across the Auckland region. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry we are also able to accept inspection requests from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Our lift inspection experts are all IQP certified to conduct surveys and maintenance investigations for any number of structures in both New Zealand and Australia.

Though the primary goal is to ensure the safety and efficiency of a lift system, our inspections involve other critical aspects, the most important of which is to keep the integrity of the components. With our help, you are well on your way to having a better lift service and prolonged life cycle for your existing equipment. We’ll keep you up to date on your requirements and obligations.

It is quite vital for the building as a whole to comply with rulings regarding elevators. Councils can order complete shutdowns on the smallest issues, so it is better to have our team make sure everything is functioning optimally.  Furthermore, we will also verify if the components comply with international standards and design codes to ensure your lift certification remains up to date. Small deformities affect the lift function as a whole and it could lead to unfortunate incidents. When it comes to the safety and security of lives, it is better to make sure things are done right from the start.

All the surveyors we employ are IQP certified to conduct thorough lift inspections. .  We never let any details be decided by chance. With us, you can be sure that the most capable of surveyors and inspectors are perusing even the minutest aspects of your lift system.

Contact Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification today to schedule the lift inspection. Do not let your lift certification expire. We will dispatch our team as quickly as we can.