Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certifications

Our Mission is to Provide Exellence in Client Service

Vertrans Lift Surveys and Certification Limited was born out of a desire to provide to clients a specialised Vertical Transportation Survey, Certification and Consultancy Service which focuses directly on individual client needs.

The company

The company is owned and managed by Ralph Abercrombie, whose vast experience has enabled Vertrans to be approved by the Territorial Authorities to carry out Lift, Escalator and Travelator IQP surveys and inspections as called for in the Building Act 2004 and subsequent amendments.

Ralph is IQP (Independent Qualified Person) registered and holds a CBIP (certification board of Inspection Personnel) qualification for new and existing Lift Certification.

Ralph brings a lifetime of experience in this specialist discipline, obtained through proven work experience in both the contracting and consulting fields throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

He is a full member of the International Association of Elevator Engineers

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Ensure The Safety And Reliability Of Your Lifts.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

We highlight that Vertrans Lift Surveys and certification Limited do keep in touch with the industry we consult with and are conversant with all new concepts, new designs and technology and equipment, often before it is officially launched.

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Proven work experience:

  • New Product Investigation
  • Supervision of Installation Contracts
  • Tender Preparation and Presntation
  • Lift Traffic Studies – manual and computer based
  • Surveys on Existing Equipment – service sales, repair, modernisation, estimating and sales proposals preparation
  • Tender Strategy
  • Personal contact with Customer, Architects and Consultants
  • Negotiating Contract Conditions
  • Quality Assurance of Completed Contracts
  • Computer Estimating Systems
  • Service Contract documentation and Negotiation
  • Preparation of Sales Training Manuals
  • Estimating
  • Market Surveys and Reports
  • Commissioning of New Equipment
  • Installation and Servicee of Lift Equipment – electrical and mechanical, estimating and sales proposals preparation
  • Specification Preparation
  • Equipment Layout and Planning
  • Elevator Systems Planning – major projects
  • Providing Consultancy Services
  • Product Developement
  • Progress Claim and Increased Cost Claim Preparation